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Common Inquiries

Who walks my dog?

That would be me! Drew (my husband) joins the occasional walk. 

Where do you walk?

We stay in the Westshore area. There are a lot of trails and nature to explore out here. 

What do you provide? What do you not provide?

I provide the pickup and drop-off service. Water. Poop bags. Treats (with your permission). Safety of your dog. Towel for rainy day walks. I also have leashes of my own. I do recommend sending them with their own. 
I do NOT provide harnesses for your dog.

How many dogs can you walk at once?

Buddy Walks will have no more than 5 dogs at a time. 

Do I have to give you a key to my house?

This is completely up to you if you want to give me a key. But in order to pick up your dog, I do need to have access. This is something we can discuss when we schedule a Meet & Greet. 

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Will you walk in the rain?

Will you train my dog?

No, I am not a dog trainer. I will work with you to re-enforce your dogs existing commands. 

I will walk rain or shine. With your permission, we may do a dog park instead to mix things up from time to time. 

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